We're a family event: kids 13 and under are free!

Volunteers Needed

Are you interested in helping us out in exchange for free admission to the live music events?
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About the Hope Bay Boat Days


The Hope Bay Boat Days are NON-PROFIT. We're giving back to the Hope Bay Fund, a legacy project to restore and maintain heritage buildings, such as the Hope Bay Boathouse. Our local cause this year is to help Jean Bradley to improve the accessible of her house. Thank you for coming and showing your support for our community members in need.  Thank you for your generosity!

“Sharing Ideas :: Creating Solutions :: Celebrating Brilliance”

The original vision in 2013: “An annual intimate, creative, location-specific boutique-style festival showcasing musical acts and beautiful handmade wooden watercraft in Hope Bay, N. Pender Island. A water themed house party, complete with boats.” 

Last year the event expanded to include Hope Bay Bible Camp as a venue with a focus on friends in need – Leroy and Fergus – made possible by a beer garden hosted on Jean Bradley’s property. 

This year, 2015, and likely into the future, the focus really is about celebrating and ultimately caring more about this place – the Salish Sea – and the amazing, creative and resilient communities and individuals that inhabit it, through music, craft, artistic expression, and storytelling. The event is meant to inspire and invigorate friends, as well as our visitors and us. The focus of this year’s event is long-term sustainability and health: of the event itself – putting it on a firm financial footing for next year; of the host community, organizations and individuals that make it possible; for our Island and Salish Sea neighbours, who are hosting similarily brilliant activities and events; for our friends and associates who are dealing with personal challenges; and finally, for the Salish Sea itself, our home, our stage and mother.